cs604 assignment 2

CS604 Assignment No 2 Solution 2020

CS604 Assignment No 2 Solution Spring  2020

Here you can find  Solution files  Shared by Virtual University Students, It will help you for the preparation of your 2nd Assignment.

Question No 01                                                                                

Consider the following set of processes, with the CPU burst time given in milliseconds:


Process                Burst Time       

P1                                   10                                             

P2                                   1                                               

P3                                   2                                               

P4                                   1                                              

P5                                   5                                               


The processes arrived in the order P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, all at time 0.


  1. Draw Gantt chart showing the execution of these processes using FCFS and SJF scheduling.
  2. Calculate the turnaround time of each process for the FCFS scheduling algorithm as per part Calculation of part A?
  3. Calculate the waiting time of each process for the SJF scheduling algorithm as per the calculation of Part A?

Download Solution File  Here Below

CS604 Assignment No-2 IDEA SOLUTION 2020

CS604 Assignment -No -2 – 2020


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