VU SOLVED PAPERS past papers Virtual University Final Term Papers 2023 Part-2

Virtual University Final Term Papers 2023 Part-2

Virtual University Final Term Papers All Subjects 2023

Virtual University Final Term Papers All Subjects 2023 Part-2

Virtual University Final Term Papers All Subjects 2023

Download Virtual University FinalTerm Papers 2023 all subjects here like ECO401, ENG504, BT406, BT401, MTH202, SOC401, ZOO501, ZOO405, ENG201, CS304, CS601, ZOO201, ZOO202, BIO201, ENG101,  PAK301, CS501,  GSC101, ENG301, CS411, CS408,  Final Term Papers Shared By Virtual University Students February 2023.

ECO401 Today’s Papers 2023

Differance berween 1.injection and withdarwls
Flow and stock
why taxation is nasaccry Long:
Optimal role of government is classical economy Tables

Douglas model

ENG 504 Final Term Papers 2023

Today my ENG 504 Final Term paper time 8:00 date 27-feb-2023 40 McQ all McQ past file Question:

what is Idiosyncraticdialect ?

Q2.Write the Types of Private speech and Second language learning SLL?

Q3.Write the Achievements of SLA Research?

Q.4 How deep processing is different from surface processing? Or nahi yrd question but Allahdullah Accha ho gya ha easy ta…
[7:37 PM, 2/27/2023] Ashii VU: Bio 202
MCq thory mushkil thy… Hemogloban adult Mai kon c hoti hai. Adinine guanine waly aye thy 2 mcq… Water ka molecular weight kitna hota… QUESTION 5 MARKS:
effect of pH on ionization of active site. 2.allosteric effect of hemoglobin.
properties of nitrogenous base.
define velocity’ effect on the rate of velocity. QUESTION 3 MARKS:
define globosides.
properties of glycerol.
carbon atoms are numbr in pentose sugar of Nucleotide and Nucleotide.
define karetins

BT406 Today Final Term Paper
27 Feb 2023 8’o clock
Mostly mscqs from dining file and while from handouts. Short questions:
1: scale and index 2: criterion validity
3: two types of narrative research 4: ground theory purpose
5: report parts name
6: which question arise from different research Kuch asa tha. Long questions:
1: participants research and non participants research 2: types of case studies
3: challenges about ground theory 4: Explain 4 types of ground theory.

BT401 Final Term Paper 2023

Today my paper of BT401 at 10:00 AM 27 Feb Final Term
…short ..DNA banks…2) genetic drift 3) Three botanical garden..4) germplasm stort …5) cold storage
..6) Maritime Zones act 1976…Long….Germplasm conservation. Strategy …Cold storage …Forest genetic resources..features of management area…objective 70% from dinning discussion wali file Sy tha..

Today MTH202 Final term paper 2023
27- Feb-2023 ( 8 : 00 am )
Mcqs almost from moaaz files Questions :
1 : Compute |- x -| and |_ x _| = -2.01
: State the “principal of mathematical induction”.
: Prove every integer os irrational number.
: There are 8 men and 10 women of a club. How many committees of 7 person can be formed having 4 women ?
. Prove that 3x+1 is odd when x is even .
: Find the variance ○² of the distribution of the following table . 7: Find a spanning tree for the graph k4 ?
8 : Find any two hamiltonian circuit .
9 : according to find the committees.
10 : according to bipartite tree .

Today SOC 401 Final Term Paper 2023
10. am
27 Feb 2023
Mcqs #40
Totally conceptual From handouts ◻
Subjective part◻◻◻Type’s of formal mechanism #5 marks Explain Hegemony with detail # 5 marks
Explain Acculturation # 3marks Define Development # 3marks
Art k related ak swal tha ak 3# no.ka or dosra 5 #no ka Best of luck
By Syed

ZOO501 Final Term Papers mcqs. 27 Feb 2023

the fetal portion of placenta formed by Chorion
The peripheral ring of blastoderm cells that have not shed their deep cells constitutes the area
the rudiment of the central nervous system, is called Neurulation. 4.Archenteron is used for Primitive Gut
Spiral holoblastic cleavage is characteristic of several animal groups including annelid,worms, some flatworms,
and most mollusks..
In sea urchins, cell fates are determined by signaling.
The constitute a major
signaling center. (micromeres
shell formation. snails
multinucleated type of cell forms the syncytiotrophoblas
The cells at the dorsalmost portion of the neural tube become the neural crest cells.

Today ZOO405  Final Term Papers 2023
IAEA stands for International Atomic Energy Agency
Desertification, also called desertization, the process by Which natural or human causes reduce the biological Productivity of drylands
Exotic species harmless while invasive species Harmful to the ecosystem,
Soil pollution is a form of land pollution in which the Soil’s upper layer is harmed.
Ozone aBsorb around 97-99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation
Greenhouse Gases absorb the energy radiated out by the Earth and Reflect a part of it back to Earth.
Competition i s a relationship between organisms in Which one is harmed when both are trying to use the Same resource related to growth, reproduction, or Survivability.
Parasitism is a symbio…

ENG201 Final Term Papers 2023 Today 10 am 
Mcq mostly handouts short question 2 true false thy so easy… one question three type of pronouns and other three type of general business.and other three type of speeking 3long question filling the blanks and one question restatement explain but easy tha. best of luck◻
Assalam o alikum.

CS304 Final Term Papers 2023
ka paper easy tha mcqs ziada last lectures se tha 30 se agay taqreeban Ar subjective bi last lectures se multiple inheritance,.
Ar what is sequence containers and their types.
Taqreeban Sara paper 30 k baad k lectures mein se tha .ek long question mein code likna thaa multiple inheritance se related. Ar 1 short question mein code likna tha baqi 2 long questions mein code ka output likhna tha
Assalam -O-Alikum

ZOO201 Final Term Papers 2023
Time : 12:00
Mcqs mostly from handouts
how many layers are in diploblastic organism
earth worm belongs to which phylum
which of the following cells cnidarians contain.
sea urchin belongs to
which increase the surface area for absorption. 6.phenoromes are secrete by
Short questions
Write the characteristics of phylum Annelida ? Write the mating behavior of insects ?
Write the copulation of oligochaetes? Difference between sea lilly or feather star

ZOO202 Final Term Papers 2023

BIO202 Mcqs files main thay Buffer
PI of histidine.
Functional group of purines and pyrimdines Reaction velocity
Behaviour of waxes in nature

Properties of TAG. Primary structure of DNA.
Ph effect on ionization of active site.

Bio201 Final Term papers 2023
Mostly from brainy file some of them were conceptual Subjective part

What are the main functions of ER?
Difference between T cells and B cells?
What are the components of PCr ?
Write the steps of mitosis?
What are adult stem cells their benefits and therapeutic use?
What is the lytic complement system? Bs yhi yaad ha abhi

ENG101 today final term paper 2023
Short questions:
Sentence fragment with examples
give three way of essay writing which give us ideas
what de-emphasizing and emphasizing in action in passive writing/voice
Fill in the blanks related to note-making Note-making demands your full ——— Answer: attention
identify comma splice and complete sentence
using the hints change these sentences to positive form of “Present Perfect Progressive Sentence


Long questions:
Identify run-on and complete sentences
identify fragment and complete sentences
True false related to comma
E.g comma is not used with direct quotations 4- give meaning of the sign
e.g, b/w, btw, &, =

Mcqs = Verbs specify
Time, space, idea or venue?

—- of elephans destroyed the plants Herds
litter troop?

Pak301 Final Term Papers 2023
What is the significance of the objectives Resolution in the constitutional history of Pakistan???
Highlight the advantages of livestocks farming??
Give any three points explaining the power of the president according to the 1956 constitution???
Explain shahab-ud-Din commission (1960)in three points???
Write down the three main factors that led to second martial law in Pakistan???
What steps were taken by Pakistani government to uplift rhe standard of education since independence???
Explain any five major policies of Z. A. Bhutto orgime???
How the issue of representation was resolved by the first constitutional Assembly of Pakistan???
Write a brief note on Islamic provisions o… Assalam-o-allaikum

8:00am Monday 27th February


40 MCQ’S TOTAL, 33 MCQ’S TO ATTEMPT(33marks)
*All the MCQ’S were from the past papers* (i got 36 right)
25-30(almost 2 MCQ’S each) = (virtual memory, ring topology, interrupt, fiber optic cable,cache,registers,throughput,vector,locality,radix conversion,slave component, master component,cycle stealing,daisy chain,polling)

6 Questions of 3 marks, 4 to attempt (12marks)
Define DMA briefly.
Briefly explain micro programming, with two loading sources
Calculate the average storage required to store data, data was given.
Right steps involved in nested interrupt
Briefly define EEPROM

4 Questi…
Mth202 current paper 2023 … 10.00Am
Mcqs totally from past papers waqar or moaz wali se… Subjective….
Floor or celling concept… Isomorphic..
Bipartite graph… Inductive…

GSC101 Final term Papers 2023

Today- 8 am
-Name of accessory glands
-Respiration phenomena of fish bird and frog
-prevention of corrosion
-colloid and solution
-invertebrate parasites

-food web and grassland ecosytem

3)Herbivore omnivore categories
-robert hooks date
-phenotype is determined by?
3) solvent solution saturation colloid

Aur mcqs nahi zehn mai. Aslamualikum

Today’s CS601 Final Term paper-2023
Timing 12:00 Virtual University FinalTerm Papers 2023
Mcqs zyada abbreviation waly thy or kuch files mn sy b thy
Or subjective mn aik table diya tha jo values given thin un ki bit btani thi or kuch whatsapp k hwaaly sy conceptual question thy
Kuch teacher and students k hwaaly sy conceptual question thy Or swiching ki types btani thi

Today CS601 Final Term Papers 2023

Virtual University FinalTerm Papers 2023
Timing 10:00
All paper from slides
Mcqs khuch abbrevation k the
SONET k bare m ak short question tha categories of coxial cable ki table dia howa tha us ko arrange

karna tha minimum hamming distance k bare m ak numerical tha ak question circuit switched network Long questions
Randam Access or Cotrolled k sub type di gai thi un ko separate karna tha Address resolution protocol (ARP) is k two opperations or un ki sub type likhni thi Circuit switched Network k phases likhne the

ENG301 Final Term Papers 2023

Today my Eng301 paper done Proposal k 5 Important points Key parts of memorandum Note on Negotiation
Body language effect on oral presenttion

Monthly report True False ay thy r mcqs mostly Usi files m sy thy jo short notes hm ny read kiy thy

Cs411 final paper 27 Feb 2023 8:00

All mcqs from handouts Virtual University FinalTerm Papers 2023
Objective c se related question thy functions likhny thy Ek code tha
Grid. SetZIndex(layer1, 1)
Grid.SetZIndex(layer2, 0) Is ka purpose likhna tha
2 Question Dispatch k thy ek mai GCD or ek mai dispatch ka main method likhna tha 1 code tha us mai se syntax error nikalna tha or usko explain bhi karna tha
Ek xml ka code tha jis mai 90 degree ki rotation likhni thi
2 C# k code thy ek mai column 2 or column 3 ka size column 1 k equal karna tha or ek code ko explain karna tha
Overall kafi mushkil paper tha But Good Luck to all

CS411 today at 10:00 A.M
10 to 15 mcqs from past papers.. baqi handouts mein sy thy.. 2 short question from past papers..

Long question: purpose of block in objective c.. baqi long questions mein coding thi HTML aur XAML

Cs408 Final Term Papers 2023
Download Virtual University FinalTerm Papers 2023.
Mcqs 30/35 past file Sy Junaid ki Short question b 3 past Sy thy Long question 2 past Sy…
Long m
Misconception about error message…. 2…evaluation paradigm
3:decide framework checklist
:Bki concept wly question thy but past paprz m Sy hi thy ..


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  4. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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