Virtual University Final Projects

VU Projects

Virtual University Final Projects and Viva Preparation 

Get Complete training and help with your final project. We are providing Current & Old Final Projects and Viva Preparation Helping materials for the Virtual University of Pakistan Students.

CS619-Viva Exam Preparation Basic Question File Solved By Arslan

For CS619 VU final projects depend on 4 phases.

1) Software Requirements Specification(SRS)

2)Design document

3) Test Case

4) Final Delivery.

Here I have Virtual university Current & Old projects and everyone needs  &  great opportunity for you to get prepare your final projects.

1) Software Requirements Specification(SRS)

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a document that describes the nature of a project, software, or application. … This includes the purpose, scope, functional and nonfunctional requirements, software, and hardware requirements of the project.

I am also virtual university students when I start my first project, I don’t know about what is SRS,  projects requirements, etc so here I will share my project assignments that will give u an idea about SRS and project-related assignments. Here I will share Software Requirements Specification (SRS) documents of (Mobi Quiz PROJECT)   it will help you for the preparation of your Ist Project Assignment.


Click here for  detail & download SRS document of (Mobi Quiz PROJECT) 

CS201 Viva Preparation Helping Materials 

Here you can download important topics, helping materials and important Questions for the preparation of CS201 viva ask by an instructor.
CS201 viva

             1. Download_CS201 Viva Test Questions File -2019

                          2. Download_CS201 Viva Question Share By Imran -2018

                         3. Download_CS201 VIVA Test Questions & Answers 2017

   4. Download_CS201  Helping Material for VIVA

         5. Download_CS201 viva Important Topics 100%

                6. Download_CS201 Viva Notes By Afaque Academy

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