Digiskill Courses


Digiskills Training Courses

DigiSkills Training Program is Pakistan’s first Online Training Program to empower the youth with skills that are in-demand in the freelance market. It consists of multiple online skill-based training courses. The very unique feature of this program is that the course content has been designed specifically for a Pakistani audience in a mix of Urdu-English language. There is no fee and the program is being offered absolutely for FREE! All you have to do is sign up for the program and start training in courses that suit you. There is no minimum educational requirement to take the Digiskills Training Courses and we encourage everyone who can read, write and understand English to take the training to build their future as a freelancer.

 You can sign up for this program by visiting https://digiskills.pk/Register.aspx.

After Signup, you can enroll in any two courses of your choice. Freelancing is a mandatory course for the trainees enrolling in the course(s) for the first time.

Here you can find online free Digiskills Courses, online courses, Online Training in Pakistan. DigiSkills training program is a great initiative of the Govt of Pakistan with the cooperation of Virtual University. It provides an excellent opportunity for youth to enhance their knowledge & skills. DigiSkills training program is totally free of cost and having the mission to empower one Million Pakistani people in Digital Skills, free online courses, free online education, and online training program, so they can make a better future for themselves as skilled freelancers, online entrepreneurs, and smart workers in the digital economy.

How do I join Digiskills?

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Some important Link for help to find out Online DigiSkills Courses …

DigiSkills Training Program

LMS DigiSkil


List of Free Online DigiSkills Courses

Digiskills Training Courses Download E-Commerce Management  Digiskills Training Courses Download Freelancing Course
Digiskills Training Courses Download Digital Marketing Course Digiskills Training Courses Download AutoCAD Course
Digiskills Training Courses Download Digital Literacy Course Digiskills Training Courses Download Creative Writing Course
bullit Download Graphic Design Course bullit Download SEO Course
bullit Download Quick Books Course bullit Download WordPress Course


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