CS101 FinalTerm Current Paper Fall 2020-21

CS101 Final Term Papers Shared By VU Students


CS101 Final Term Papers

 CS101 Final Term Papers today 11:30  Dated 6/3/21

MCQS thry word mn se aye or baqi sary conceptual thy..

1. what are constants? Name their type

2.What is query? Name of 4 vasic sql query

3.Write names of different kinds of align in ms word?

4 Block author feature?

5.Can we customize our own style in ms word?

6.Aik code wala tha output dena tha

7.Rate of transfer of bit from one to another

8.Simplest form of arrays

My cs101 paper total 38 questions dated 28/2/21

Question 3 marks

What is Coppa and Hippa ?

What are the types of sorting in ms excel ?

Http is used by the browser’s ,you are required to write down the name of secure version of Http?

Match columns A and B ?

We have different groups in home and insert tab .write the oppropriate tag against the following group


Style ?

Long questions

Write the pesudo code to calculate area and primeter of rectangle

Area of length=length x width

Perimeter of rectangle =2(length +width)?

What is the procedure of entring an excel spread sheet in ms word ?

Computers are made from havey metal .list two effects on enviornment they are thrown away

 *Today’CS101 Final Term Papers r**27-02-2021*


Q1: Different B/W high level language and low level language?

Q2: what is register and it use?

Q3: how to define syntax of array?

Q4: What is parts of insert ribbon in MS word?

Q5: How many type of sorts in MS Excel?

Q6: Formula of sum to add row 3 and address of containing cell 6?

Q7: Geometric characteristics?

Q8: write project of all teachers form teacher then student has greater than 100?

9:style is predifined in ms word can we customize own style in MS Word?

10:Match column A to B and write in column C

Arithmetic operation on data………

A use of stack…..

A use of Internet….

In c++……


1:MS word main insert ma paragraph kahan par ata hai

2:__ of multiple rows and column(two dimensions)

3: __ of two telation produce one relation (join)

4: row are also called (tuple)

5: wild card use sign for?

6: what is tree?

7: Bold MS word ma home ma kahan par hota hai

Important topics jin ma sy options aya

Module 112 113 114 or in ma jo graph hai wo lazmi krna us ma sy mcqs aya hai

Bais path testing

Glass box testing

Boundary value analysis

Beta testing

Alpha testing

Case tool

Control structures loop

CS101 11:30 am 28/2/21

MCQ’s last ma sy thy maximum…

Redu konsay key sy use hota ha…

Short nd Long…

Maximum conceptual thy..


  1. Binary Arithmetic ka that..
  2. Database…


  1. EXCEL sy tha..
  2. Tab key or Ribbon q use hoti ha..


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