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Today cs401 paper settlite town rwp 15-02-20
a program to add three nmbr using single label,addres wraparound,call and calee,jne jnz,6
mcq,s from past and others
mcq,s conceptual.

C401 current Final term papers date 16-02-20

30% mcqs from moaz file

2 short and 2 long also from moaz file

2 from handout

What is Stack overflow
Answer:- (Page 187)
The strong argument in favour of callee cleared stacks is that the arguments were placed on the stack for the subroutine, the caller did not need them for itself, so the subroutine is responsible for removing them.
Removing the arguments is important as if the stack is not cleared or is partially cleared the stack will
eventually become full, SP will reach 0, and thereafter wraparound producing unexpected results.

Who is responsible for removing the parameter from the stack when we call a function in C and Pascal?
Answer:- (Page 187)
In C the caller removes the parameter while in Pascal the callee removes them. The C scheme has reasons
pertaining to its provision for variable number of arguments.

28. DOS allocate memory for program execution and then de-allocate , explain memory management in
DOS (5 marks)
Answer:- (Page 121)
At physical address zero is the interrupt vector table. Then are the BIOS data area, DOS data area, IO.SYS,
MSDOS.SYS and other device drivers. In the end there is COMMAND.COM command interpreter. The remaining space is called the transient program area as programs are loaded and executed in this area and the space reclaimed on their exit. A freemem pointer in DOS points where the free memory begins. When DOS loads a program the freemem pointer is moved to the end of memory, all the available space is allocated to it, and when it exits the freemem pointer comes back to its original place thereby reclaiming all space. This action is initiated by the DOS service 4C. The second method to legally terminate a program and give control back to DOS is using the service 31. Control is still taken back but the memory releasing part is modified. A portion of the allocated memory can be retained. So the difference in the two methods is that the freemem pointer goes back to the original place or a designated number of bytes ahead of that old position.

CS401 paper today 16-02-20

20MCQS past se 5 number ka question aya tha physical adress find krna tha baki tamam unit se tora tora aya mid term se b 10 number ka paper aya 2 question hello world program lkna tha 15/16/17 se aya tha bs

Today cs401 paper: 18-02-20
Thread registration, define Bootstrap,Interrupt handler,explain PIC,2 coding question and 30%mcq in past paper

Cs401 today my paper at 12pmĀ  Dated 22-02-20
Give instruction 0741 in video memory what does it mean
How call instruction similar to push
Write code to reverse a bits using shift and rotations
Types of memory wraparounds
How memory to memory address can be used Mcqs from moaaz file


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