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Cs301 Today paper 15-02-20
Q1.biner tree bnawa tha OS k levels btao.
Q2.carictrics of avl tree.
Q3.if node leaf and non leafe in binry tree then what the hight of tree of its depth is 7?
Q.4hight of nodes if hight is 5?
Q.6 [2 9 7 5 8] sort it.
Q.7 ik tree tha osko array mn conert krna tha.
Q8.crictristics of union method
Mostly mcqs and questions are from moazz files.

Today CS301 paper 15-02-20
Mcqs mostly from past papers
1.Application of Hashing
2.Transitivity relationship
3.Deleta a node from the max heap and draw again.
4.Frequency table
5.The program has given and write about variable
6.bubble sort after two iterations. 5 Marks
7.Threded binary tree given and for one node write its four variables values
a.left flag
B.Right flag
C.left pointer node.
D.Right pointer node.
5 Marks
8. AVL tree after deleting one node draw Balance tree. 5 marks
9. For furniture selling the company to a customer s write
a) What are basic operations must select for the database system
b)On what basic points the data structure is select for this company. 5 Marks
10. Write and Explain Union and Find operation for Dynamic Equivalence Problem.

CS301 today paper…. 16-02-20
32 mcqs from Moaz PDF and pictures…

3 properties of AVL tree…(3 marks)

Maze table pseudo code (5 marks)

Max heap insert node 40 in the tree(3 marks)

Max heap insert tree and rearrange it (5 marks)

Draw skip list from S0 to S3….given number from left to right…..(2 3 4 5 7 8 9)”mene paint se draw kia tha…(5 marks)

Delete node 2 and rotate AVL tree …..tell balance and each step of rotation (5 marks)

Post fix question (little bit complex like it).
Similar it form lekin number ni yad Kia thy (5 marks)

Operation perform on table ADT (3 marks)

Cs301 today paper 16-02-20

1. Find the leaf and non-leaf node of the tree of depth 7.

2.find sum of the height of the tree has level 5.

3. Discuss two cases in which hashing is not suitable.

4. Write the names of six basic operations of BST.

5.write steps of level order traversing.

6. Draw a balanced AVL tree after inserting a node.

7.Aik theorem-proof Karna Tha.

Cs301 today paper 19-02-20
Paper MCQs mostly past papers sy thy subjective BST. Sorting, Max heap and min heap ki statements, min-heap first 4 order delete then make a new tree.


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