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My today paper of cs402(Theory of Automata)… Dated 15-02-20
40% mcqs was from waqar siddu files.20% from the topic of RE,FA.40% was totly conceptual.. No even no single question or mcqs from moazz files.long question was the about PDA(5),turning machine(5),push,pop program (5).
CFG and CKY topic cover most of short 3 mrks question..
Wish u all the best.Be happy☺️🥰😇

Cs402 today paper. 16-02-20

Mcqs from past and conceptual.

Fa create krna tha. Condition btai hui thi us k mtabik.

Aik fa bnana tha jis m strt or end m aa aye.

Recursive definition of a language …expression jo recursively explorer krna tha.

TG ko eliminate krna tha .

2 TG thy un ki final states ko reduce kr k sirf aik final state m convert krna tha….overall paper was easy🙂

Cs402 today final term paper. 17-02-20
Mcqs kuch past Sy thy baki book sy thy
Long question.
FA bnana tha condition di hui thi..
Aik fa bna k us ka compliment bhi bnana tha.
Aik expration dia hua tha us ka TG bnana tha.
Aik expression dia hua tha us sy CFG bnana tha.
Aik CFG given tha us sy 5 string drive krny thy.
Decidable problem ko define krna tha with example…❤❤

Which one of the following languages is a non-regular language?
Which of the following are called as Halt states in PDA?
Identify the TRUE statement about following CFG:
S -> SB|AB
A -> CC
B -> b
C -> a
Which of the following cannot be represented by a regular expression?
Set of all palindromes over {a,b} is:
The CFG S–> aSa | bSb | a | b | ^ represents language.
The strings or words which do not belong to a language are called of that language.
The locations into which we put the input letters on “Input Tape” are called.
Identify the FALSE statement about following CFG:
S -> SB|AB
A -> CC
B -> b
C -> a

In a CFG, the non-terminals are denoted by.
Before the CFG corresponding to the given PDA is determined, the PDA is converted into the standard form which is called.
Set of all palindromes over {a,b} is:
Between the two consecutive joints on a path
For a machine with N number of states, the total number of strings to be tested, defined over an alphabet of m letters, is.
Ok wait aaik quiz kar rahaa hun phir karta hun
conversion form of PDA, there is
Which of the following is not a true theorem?
A is the one for which every input string has a unique path through the machine.

Identify the TRUE statement about following CFG:
S -> SB|AB
A -> CC
B -> b
C -> a
Prime is a language.
“The product of two regular languages is.”

A problem that has decision procedure is called problem.

In the null production N –> ^, N is a.
Null production is a.
The language of all strings not beginning with ‘b’ partitions ∑* into distinct classes.
If R is regular language and Q is any language (regular/ non-regular), then Pref is regular.
Even-Even language partitions ∑* into distinct classes.
If a CFG has a null production, then it is.

Mealy machine ka 5 no ka sawal tha?
Regular Experation to CFG(context free gramer)
PDA graph draw karna tha
CFD dia huwa tha uska regular exprastion finde karna tha
2 long graph waly thy

CS402 today’s paper: 18-02-20
1-make an NFA ending in 10.
2-length of string.
3-union of FA.
4-moore machine output.
5-make an FA starting with b and ending in aa.

Today’s cs402 paper 21-02-20

most of mcqs were from pastpaper of moaaz file and subjective is from FA,RE,Keleenestheorem sa thy




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