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Eng201 Today Paper 17-02-20

Define Visual Aids 2 marks

What do you understand about ‘claim’ in business English 2 marks

Rules for writing Bad-news message 3 marks

Briefly explain the content of slides in oral presentation 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

How can you make your presentation more interesting and effective? 5 marks

Empirical research report 5 fill in the blanks 5 marks

Turn sentences from active into passive 10 marks

5 same sentences (different punctuation) ???True False 10 MARKS!(lol pata nehi kis nay likha question)
[2/16, 2:33 PM] 🤕: Eng201
Routine credit request
flow chart
feasibility report superstructure
planing is half part of presentation.comment
true false

Eng201 Today Paper 17-02-20

Q :Budget statement 2 marks
Q :True false 2 marks
Q :2 roles of a worker that he should identify at workplace 2 mrks
Q :True false again of 2 marks
Q :Name any three parts of the body of general report 3 marks
Q:Write any 3 purposes of a well reputed organization
Q :arrange the following statements in responce to the claim 3 marks
Q:change the following active voices into passive voices 3 marks
Q :Fill in the blanks from punctuation 5 marks
Q :Write Merits and demerits of reading techniques of presentation 5 marks
Q :What is the significance of introduction 5 marks
Or aik 5 marks ka ques yaad ni aa rha!!

Eng 201 Today Paper 15-02-2020
Time .2.50

40 mcqs
mostly past ppr mcq
Topic tenses.visual aids .
12 question
Q.1 Write 2 function of hypen? 2 marks
Q.2 TRUE FALSE 2 marks
Q.3 1 fill in the black 2 marks
Q.4 true false formal and informal topic 3 marks
Q.5 significance of objects in empirical research report 5 marks
Q.6 write 5 prefixes 5marks
Q.7 true false 5marks
Mostly ppr from visual aids and proposal

Eng 201 Today Paper 15-02-2020

40 Marks ky mcqs thy

Report writing main kon sy do VISUAL AID use hoty hain name likhny thy. 2 MARKS

Oral presentation ke main two categories likhne the. 2MARKS

7’C main sy five fill in the blank the.in ky option the. 5MARKS

3feasibility report sy true/false thy.3MARKS

3true/false thy.3MARKS

5MARKSki fill in the blank the.

REPORT WRITING ki 5 fill in the blank the . In main option nhi the.5MARKS

Interviews ky bary main right and wrong btana tha.2Marks

Negative and positive word express in english ky bary main comment krna tha

Mostly paper report writing sy tha.

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