past papers by moaaz

Past papers by moaaz

Who is Moaaz?

Moaaz is a brilliant student of the Virtual University of Pakistan. During continue studying his MCS from Virtual University, he collects all past papers and solved them. His collections of VU past papers are the most useful ones as they are quite accurately solved with references. Moaaz is one of those students who collect data for you and give you the precious gift in the form of past papers for Vu students.

Here you can download Past Papers by Moaaz of all subjects…


Why past papers are important for Exam

Dear students as you know everyone needs guess papers or past papers for their better preparation in exam days.  But they didn’t find the right place for past papers. We are working for you day and night to collect and prepare past papers on every subject of the virtual university. As in VU, a big portion of the midterm and final term exams especially the MCQs part comes from past papers, these collections are a must to go through in your preparations for the Virtual University Exams.

Here you can download midterm and final term solved papers of all subjects…


Exam papers are also important for Students

Exam papers are also very important for Virtual University students and these papers share by virtual university students during their midterm and final term Exams. You can solve these Exam papers for good preparation before the Exam. Exam Papers 2012-2019 are very much helpful for student’s and they get ideas of questions & how to solve them in an effective manner. VU Exam papers for every subject are available for students, make notes about these papers & achieve better Grade in Final result.

Here you can download Exam papers of all subjects…

Estimated Percentage come from the past papers

As you know I am also the student of Virtual University, according to my observation, about 60 to 70% of paper has come from past papers. This is a great opportunity for you to get prepare for the exam through past papers and get good marks in your midterm & Final term Exam.


Where you Get these Past Papers

Are you thinking where I get these past papers? Don’t worry I will give u all subjects solved papers in Pdf & word format and here u can also download handouts of their desire subjects. In a virtual university, there are some extraordinary students that have to provide solved papers for their desire subjects like Moaaz and other students who are also appreciable, they send the screenshot of quizzes, GDB’s, assignments, and many more.

Dear students past papers are the source to get good marks but that is not enough for you. You have to read your handouts, PowerPoint slides, assignment questions, and video lectures that are easily available for you in your VULMS, Vu content library, and YouTube channel of VU. Past Papers are just a source of last night preparation that can help you to judge the subjective and the objective questions. This will increase your knowledge to attempt the paper and you can get the high percentage marks.



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